Can You Drink Fractionated Coconut Oil?

Fractionated coconut oil is also called MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil in most cases. This refined oil is made up of only the medium-chain capric and caprylic acids, hence the name MCT.

Some people use fractionated coconut oil in their special diet while others use it to make soap, lotions for skin care or as carrier oil in aromatherapy etc.

You can drink fractionated coconut oil for good health. But as far as I know, only companies that carry materials for making cosmetics stock fractionated coconut oil. That's because the refining process has made it become very resistant to rancidity. Hence, you don't need to store and handle it with special procedures, beyond keeping it in a cool dry place.

The general public prefers to drink virgin coconut oil instead because it is unrefined and hence contains also lauric acid (besides capric and caprylic acids) which carries the most nutrients that you can find in mother's milk.

Simply put, refined fractionated coconut oil mostly benefits the cosmetic-making industries while unrefined virgin coconut oil benefits your health the most. Both their prices are comparable (some fractionated coconut oil may cost relatively higher depending on the brand and region of production), so why drink fractionated coconut oil when you can use the same price to obtain better health benefits from virgin coconut oil?

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