4 Ways Coconut Oil Benefits You

By Soon Chai

How do you look healthy?

You seldom fall sick. Even if you do, you recover very quickly. You're always full of energy. You look younger than your age. Also, you have a slim (but not skinny) figure. These are the criteria for a healthy look. And if you want to be that person with such a healthy look, coconut oil can help you with that.

1. Coconut Oil Boosts Your Immunity

You want to become impervious to attacks by bacteria, viruses, fungi and other super germs in the air you breathe in or on the food and water you consume, you have to step up your immunity.

Bad news is, our immunity can only protect us to a certain extent due to its limitation in producing antibodies at any one time. Meaning, they can easily get overwhelmed when you put yourself in a highly contaminated environment for long hours.

Good news is, with just one tablespoon, coconut oil benefits you by supplying thousands of antimicrobials to help you fight and subdue these harmful microbes. You eat more of it, you'll boost your immunity to an even larger extent.

Which is why I hardly fall sick after taking coconut oil for so many years. And even if I do, I recover super quickly.

2. Coconut Oil Feeds You Energy

The fatty acids in coconut oil does not convert to body fat like those in other vegetable oils or animal fats. Instead, they convert to energy to feed your cells. The best part is, they can easily penetrate your cells without the help of insulins. This is the reason why people who eat coconut oil regularly never fall short of energy.

3. Coconut Oil Increases Your Metabolism

Fat lady loses weight with coconut oil and slims down naturally in 8 months

Coconut oil contains about 65% short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids altogether. These are the fatty acids that feed your cells energy.

When your cells receive adequate energy, your body's metabolism will step up and become more active than ever. This is good for burning fat and losing weight.

Weight loss is one of the greatest benefits coconut oil provides for your health.

4. Coconut Oil Supples Your Skin

Heard of free radicals? These are the renegade molecules that appear everywhere in the surroundings as well as inside our body. When you inhale polluted air, eat highly-processed food, or drink contaminated water, you bring them into your body.

Free radicals specialize in attacking the connective tissues which are strong fibers that firmly support our skin. When those connective fibers are damaged, your skin will sag and wrinkle. You'll look older than you really are.

Whereas unsaturated fats in most vegetable oils promote free radical activities, saturated fats in coconut oil stop free radical attacks. Not only that, the metabolism-boosting effect of that same saturated fats in coconut oil helps to repair and replace damaged skin cells quickly too. This is how coconut oil benefits your skin and makes you look young, vibrant and healthy.


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