How to improve your health and stay healthy for life

3 emoji – poor health, average health and good health

If you're number 3, you can jolly well skip this article and head right to the health benefits of coconut oil where you'll discover how to kick your health to the next higher gear by simply switching the cooking oil in your kitch to coconut oil.

But if you're number 2 or even 1, stay on this page to pick up some good habits that will change your life forever. Bad habits die hard, but not when you're determined to "kill" them all. Let's get healthy!

1. Unlock greater health with plant-based food

Scarlet heart containing fruits and vegetables

Over the years, scientists, researchers and experts in the health and nutrition fields have piled up a mountain of concrete evidence to support the huge benefits of plant-based diet. Simply because this health-promoting diet can REALLY keep you away from heart diseases, cancers, auto-immune diseases, fatal illnesses and many other modern maladies.

No matter how many times they've researched, studied, experimented and tested, they always come to the same conclusion – eat more whole food, fruits and veggies and you'll stay healthy.

Hardcore meat-eaters are down on all fours before reality. They are the super "constipators" who always have problems moving their bowels every day. This increases their risk of getting all sorts of killer diseases because when you fail to get rid of toxic wastes, the toxic wastes will intoxicate you.

Don't believe? Make a trip down to any hospital and ask those disease-stricken patients and witness yourself how many of them are hardcore meat-eaters. The "result" will speak for itself.

How about taking more meat just because you belong to blood type 'O'?

Oh, come on. There are millions of vegetarians and vegans around the world. Don't tell me none of them belongs to blood type 'O'?

I simply cannot imagine that someone could have come up with such a stupid theory that doesn't make even a least bit of sense. What's even more shocking is that there are people who believe in that! What is this world coming to?

I don't care what blood type you have, eat more meat and your health will pay, eat more plant food and your health will thrive. Period.

Open your eyes wide and look closely at this conventional food guide pyramid:

Conventional food pyramid

Can you see from the food guide pyramid that plant-based food takes up the most important lower sections (levels 1, 2 and 3)?

If animal meat is a staple in our diet, then why is it being positioned so high? Obviously, it is optional and we can absolutely do without meat.

Moreover, you can easily get essential amino acids for your tissue needs from grains, nuts, seeds, beans and legumes. That's why the new MyPlate food guide (introduced in 2011) does not even specify that the protein portion has to come from meat.

My Plate food guide

"But we need omega-3, so we have to eat fish, at least."

You don't have to, seriously. Flaxseeds, chia seeds and walnuts etc can provide rich sources of omega-3 for your health needs.

"But our body can't efficiently convert ALA to EPA and DHA from plant-source omega-3, so we need EPA and DHA from fish or krill oil."

That's because your body has had too much toxins loaded from animal meat. All animals struggle convulsively when they get caught and killed. Emotional instability creates massive toxins in animals. When you eat their meat, the toxins will pass on to you. And these toxins will block the enzymatic reaction that converts ALA to EPA and DHA.

So, all you need is to consume less meat, and you'll be taking in less toxins. This will soar the efficiency of conversion from ALA to EPA and DHA, for sure.

Which means, you don't need fish or krill oil for EPA and DHA anymore.

Perhaps you're still skeptical and afraid of lacking omega-3 in the form of EPA and DHA. Fine, then go get this Ovega-3 supplement. This plant-based EPA and DHA will suffice your need for omega-3.

Honestly, I've been a vegetarian for 20+ years. I never fall short of EPA, DHA or any other essential nutrients. And I don't feel deprived at all. So, why meat? It simply serves no purpose in the health aspect except for the texture it gives.

Apart from the perspective of health, God created animals to be our friends, not food on our plates.

So, take meat off your diet and you're one step closer to getting truly healthy, not just physically but spiritually as well. You'll feel the joy from within as what you eat is guilt-free and cruelty-free.

I know, it's difficult to quit cold turkey on meat and turn to a 100 % meat-free diet. As a matter of fact, extremely few people have such strong determination and wisdom. Are you one of them? If not, take one baby step at a time, progressively.

But you really have to set out to take that first step to learn to cut down on meat and increase the veggies and fruits on your plate. As your health improves, this will naturally motivate you to increase your intake of plant food and ditch the toxin-laden meat altogether, eventually.

Perhaps you're not so strong-willed. Never mind, let me give you a gentle push... think about this, can you guarantee the meat you eat is 100 % free from illnesses?

I can seriously tell you, the butchers can't even guarantee that the animals they slaughter are 100 % ill-free. They can only sanitize the meat, at best. But the poisonous stuff remains deeply embedded within the tissues of the meat. These can never ever be removed. What happens next when you shove these meat into your mouth?

Whatever illnesses or diseases the animals had will pass on to you, just like the toxins created from emotional instability I told you about earlier. This one I can guarantee you.

2. Take small meals

My digestive system improved a whole lot when I switched from taking 2–3 large meals to 5–6 small meals a day since many years ago.

It may make you feel like you're eating all day long and some people really don't like this feeling. However, taking more but small meals is what you have to do if you want to stay healthy and in good shape.

Imagine your boss keeps throwing lots of work at you. The heavy workload will stress you out and bring you down one day. Our digestive system behaves as such – it doesn't like "heavy workload" too or it'll stress out and bring down your health.

When you follow this meal pattern, you tend to have lesser undigested food left in your gut that can release hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane when your gut bacteria help to break them down. Hence, you'll have less gas trapped inside, which means, you won't break wind at the wrong time in the wrong place anymore.

Eating this way not only can help you stay healthy, but can also beat your mid-afternoon slump too.

Note: Hefty meals put tremendous strain on your digestive system, which in turn drain your energy and make you feel tired. Hence, always keep your satiety level at around 70% for optimal food digestion, nutrient absorption and other metabolic activities. Your alertness and productivity will increase too.

3. Eat your breakfast. It's a must!

After a long night sleep, our body needs to replenish nutrients to jump-start a fresh new day. So, don't skip breakfast if you want to get healthy. It's the most important meal of the day.

If you want to lose weight, all the more you should eat breakfast because breakfast kick starts your metabolism. It's your first line of fat-burner.

Here's one of my favorite breakfasts:

Tropical Green Smoothie (serving: 1)


  • 1 medium banana
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1 cup baby spinach
  • 1 cup kale, chopped
  • 1 whole coconut water


  1. Pour coconut water and place banana, blueberries, spinach into a blender. Cover, and blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and serve. You can leave the coconut meat (150–180 kcal) for your snack.
Nutritional Info (per serving)
Calories 267 kcal
Carbs 63.4 g
Fat 1.9 g
Protein 7 g
Fiber 10.9 g

I suggest that you adjust your breakfast recipes frequently such as changing the ingredients in smoothies, making an oatmeal sprinkled with blueberries or goji berries and other fruits of your favorite, or muesli on soy or almond milk, so that you don't get bored with the same old stuff every morning. It'll perk you up!

4. Choose whole food

Processed or refined food will never keep you healthy because they're left with little or no nutrients to nourish your cells after the food processing stages. To make your health worse, processed food usually come with lots of artificial coloring, flavoring, preservatives and many other fake additives that do nothing good to our health.

That said, whether you're dining at home or outside, try to choose whole food as best as you can because eating whole food means you're taking in all the nutrients encased in the natural food without consuming any fake substances that could harm your health.

On top of that, unlike refined food which has almost zero fiber, whole food provides you with a complete set of soluble and insoluble fiber that will:

  • Speed up the removal of your intestinal waste and thus, prevent toxic substance in the waste from getting resorbed into your body.
  • Clean up your intestinal walls so you have no toxic waste left behind to breed harmful microbes that might cause colorectal cancer and other gastrointestinal cancers.
  • Slow digestion to provide you with a steady stream of energy and keep your blood glucose levels stable.

Why waste your money on expensive detox program or some potentially harmful colon cleansing methods when you can have a safe and effective detox to stay healthy by simply eating whole food?

Tip: If you can afford, try to choose organically-grown whole food. Although there's not much nutritional difference between organic and non-organic food, you'll free your liver and kidneys of extra toxic load (e.g. pesticide) from non-organic food.

5. Go raw

Heat destroys nutrients.

That means, if you want to get the most anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes out of the food you eat so that you can stay healthy always, eat them raw.

I'm on a partial raw plant-based diet. But I'm moving towards a more raw food lifestyle. That's my goal. I encourage you to join me in this journey. It's not only healthy, but fun and refreshing too!

A good way to help you jump-start on a truly healthy raw food diet is to try making some delicious raw desserts yourself since many of us love sweet treats.

You'll soon find that raw food can taste just as flavorful as cooked food, and more importantly, you get to absorb more nutrients for better health since heat is not involved to destroy the nutrients.

6. Add coconut oil to your diet

I've been taking coconut oil since late 2006 and it's really effective in warding off harmful bacteria and viruses for me and others.

I remember once when my cousin was down with flu, I advised him to take coconut oil every day by adding it to every meal he eats. He recovered in 3 days without paying a red cent to doctor.

My wife swears by the powerful antimicrobial effect of coconut oil too when her flu symptoms subside and vanish after taking 3–4 tablespoons of coconut oil for 3 consecutive days.

If you want to power up your immunity and keep yourself protected every single day, include coconut oil in everything you eat. It enhances the flavor of your food with its natural coconut aroma. Adding into drinks like almond milk tastes good too.

And if you're overweight, coconut oil will bring it down because coconut oil promotes weight loss as well. This coconut oil how-to guide will show you how you can maximize coconut oil benefits on your health.

7. Bring snacks wherever you go

Are you a road warrior?

If you don't always get to fill your stomach as soon as it rumbles and pulls because you're out on the road or somewhere outside, the little snack in your bag will come in handy.

This bite-size treat can continue to keep your mind clear and prevent you from making irrational food choices. It could also prevent you from getting gassy stomach when your stomach goes empty for too long.

More importantly, with some snacks in hand, you can keep your metabolism active for continual fat-burning and stay healthy throughout the day.

Bring wholesome snacks such as mix fruits, a handful of nuts and seeds, or best, make your own healthy snacks at home and take them out with you.

8. Chew 36 times

Chew 30–40 times for each small bite of your food. If you want a specific number as guideline, I would suggest 36 (don't ask me why, just a guideline). Make sure you chew 18 times on the left and 18 on the right to prevent overuse of one jaw and maintain facial balance.

It may seem ridiculous to chew each bite for so many times, but it doesn't really take that long to chew so many times and it's so effective at helping you to stop eating when your body doesn't need more food that can positively result in weight loss.

Many people I helped have proven that. Try it yourself. You'll be amazed to see yourself stopping at half a bowl or half a plate, and your pounds scraping off.

Eating slowly can also help you digest food and absorb nutrients more effectively. You'll get healthy with this simple technique.

Note: If you're really in a hurry, then at least chew 10 times on each side. And, don't waste food if you can't finish. Store the unfinished food well. You won't die from eating leftovers.

9. Avoid cold stuff

Cold food or beverages can suddenly constrict your blood vessels and decrease or restrict your blood flow. This is particularly bad for people with high blood pressure issue.

Did you know that our body is constantly exposed to viruses and bacteria through inhaling air, consuming food and water?

Because of that, when our body temperature falls and immunity drops after consuming cold food or liquid, viruses and bacteria that have long "hidden" in our body will take this golden opportunity to breed fast and attack us. Although our body will automatically bring the temperature back up after a while, just that few seconds is sufficient to create millions of bacteria and viruses inside us.

Hence, I don't suggest you to take cold stuff a lot especially when your immune system is poor and you're prone to illnesses.

When I say "cold", I mean something that comes out of the fridge or you add ice cubes into it. Food or drinks that are left in room temperature are fine.

If you're outside where your food or drinks turn cold due to cold weather, then chew your food 30–40 times or keep the liquid in your mouth until it becomes warm before you swallow. This will ensure you stay healthy even in cold environment.

Nonetheless, it's okay to take cold stuff like ice-cream or cold desserts once in a while. But make sure you're in great health when you're eating those.

10. Add no sugar

I remember clearly when my wife, Laura started to impose sugar-free soy milk, almond milk and rice milk on me 10+ years ago. I loved these plant-based milks (I don't take milk coming from animals) with added refined sugar because I was so used to them.

I felt reluctant at first. I've been taking sweetened beverages for 20 over years and all of a sudden I have to say 'goodbye' to them. It really discomforted my taste buds quite a lot because drinks taste bland without refined sugar or sugar syrup.

After few times of sugar-free drinks, I began to appreciate the natural flavor and taste of what soy milk, almond milk and rice milk hold. It irks me now if you ask me to go back to sugar-added milks.

I mean, if the beverage has so much natural goodness in it that keep you healthy, don't spoil it by adding refined sugar. Refined sugar will deplete our body of 27 essential nutrients during digestion.

If you really need some sweetness to satisfy your taste buds, why not choose natural unrefined sweeteners like stevia, maple syrup or coconut palm sugar instead?

Apart from being sweeter than refined sugar so you can use less of them, these natural sweeteners also provide you with some good nutrients to supplement your health. Refined sugars are stripped off of almost all nutrients except empty calories.

11. Avoid alcohol at all costs

Liver functions as a filter to help us take care of toxin removal. Alcohol adds to the load and can damage your liver function. When your liver malfunctions, you can't be healthy. Hence, avoid alcohol at all costs if you're truly health conscious.

If you say you need to drink alcohol in order to socialize and make friends, to me, that's lame.

You don't have to drink alcohol to have friends. Most people who drink alcohol are weaklings because they're using it as a tool to drown their sorrows or escape the harsh reality. Are you one of them?

If you don't want to be called a weakling, then learn to quit alcohol.

Quitting alcohol is helpful to the society so that you won't drink and drive and cause threats to pedestrians or other road users. It's also being responsible for your family so that you won't get drunk and cause trouble to them or abuse them when the effect of alcohol gets the better of you.

You get to save more money too since alcohol can cost you hundreds of dollars every month. When you have more spare cash, you can provide better life for yourself and your family.

Be an upright and responsible person.

12. Steer clear of cigarette

Why smoke away the fresh air?

Fresh air is for all of us, but why do you want to take it away from us? If you're a smoker, first and foremost, you have no right to do that and stop being selfish!

When I call you selfish, it's not just because you're an environmental annoyance, but because you do not care about your family. Do you like them to see your health falling downwards and then cry at your deathbed eventually when you die prematurely?

Go do an x-ray checkup on your lungs and overall health right now and see for yourself how hazy your lungs are and how bad your health is as a result of smoking.

Why smoke away your health?

I still can recall very clearly when my uncle kept coughing up blood every half an hour or so (we shared the same bedroom because we needed someone to look after his deteriorating condition), he couldn't sleep well and eat and he still insisted to stay at home and refused going to hospital.

On the day he was diagnosed with lung cancer, I asked him one simple question "Do you still want to smoke?" He shook his head without even thinking for a second because he was in great pain and he knew he needs back his health. But it was too late. He died a few months later at only 60+. He could have lived 10 or even 20 years more and led a more meaningful life.

Tell me truthfully... do you want to smoke away your life like my uncle? Do you want to end up coughing blood then you start to change your mind about smoking and want back your health badly so that you can get back to your normal life and live longer?

Even if no one cares for you or even when the world dumps you, don't wallow yourself in cigarette and burn away your life. My parents were so absorbed in making money, money and money that we were always left to our own devices. My brother destroys himself with cigarette. I did not, because I cherish what I have – my health and my life. You should too!

But I know it's difficult to quit an addiction overnight. How many sticks are you smoking daily? Let's say you smoke 25 sticks (about 1 pack) per day, starting from tomorrow, take away 2 sticks first and leave 23 sticks in the pack and try stretching your smoking urge a few minutes longer so that you can stick to that 23 sticks per day. Keep doing this for two weeks or so and then reduce another 2 sticks and repeat the process until you're left with zero smoking urge.

Kicking a smoking habit gradually can prevent you from the withdrawal symptoms. I hope it's not too late for you. If you think you can start with eliminating 5 sticks from your 25-stick-daily, go ahead.

Think about your future. Think about what you can do when you become healthy. Life is already short, don't make it even shorter. You deserve a longer and better and more meaningful life.

13. Avoid coffee

I actually do not object to drinking coffee as long as you're not hooked to caffeine.

Caffeine may have its pros and cons. But addiction to it, in my opinion, outweighs its benefits because it can disrupt and ruin your normal lifestyle.

A normal lifestyle is one without relying on something in order to survive. If you can't function optimally due to a lack of something especially something that is optional like caffeine, then your life has been disturbed.

I don't need coffee to pep me up because I never got myself addicted to caffeine. But I do drop by Starbucks to have some coffee or seasonal beverages for a short break after shopping.

If you're like those who are addicted to caffeine, you can take gradual steps such as stepping down the dose of coffee about 50mg less every two days to wean off caffeine so that you won't suffer severe withdrawal symptoms like severe headache, which is actually a cry for caffeine.

If your caffeine intake comes from other beverages like soft drinks, energy drinks or tea, do likewise – step down the intake gradually until zero caffeine is achieved.

14. Need no supplements

I never take supplements because I don't need them to stay healthy.

In my opinion, you don't need supplementation at all because it won't keep you in good health unless your body is unable to absorb certain nutrients due to inherent defects or some special medical conditions.

Just watch your diet and make sure it's fiber-rich, nutrient-dense, calorie-sufficient, more plant-based and more whole food and you'll receive enough of what you need.

15. Casual stroll after meal

Don't sit down soon after a meal or your belly will grow due to sluggish metabolism.

Meet my friend, Janet. She's an epitome of "sit down after meal". 9 months ago she only has a little pooch on her tummy. Now, her little pooch has grown to a size of "5-month pregnancy".

If you don't want to be a victim like her or you have unfortunately been "pregnant" for 5 months, starting from today, take a relaxing walk or move around for at least 30 mins after a meal (especially breakfast, lunch or dinner) before settling down on a chair to do your work.

Post-meal walk can help to speed up the rate at which food moves through your gut. It also helps to prevent blood sugar spike so that your risk for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes is greatly reduced.

But if you feel lightheaded at the start of your walk, this could probably mean that most of your blood are rushing to your stomach to aid in the digestion of food that causes a lack of oxygen supply to your head. When that occurs, take a seat for a few minutes to let your blood levels stabilize throughout your body before you stand up to walk again.

16. Strictly No food 2 hours before sleep

Stop eating at least 2 hours before bed to relieve your stomach of additional digestive work.

You should not need to eat any more if your dinner contains good amount of fiber, nutrients and sufficient calories. A well-balanced and healthy dinner should sustain your bodily functions till the following morning.

But if you do really feel hungry when close to bedtime because you didn't take much food at dinner, then take a light snack of small portion size (i.e. 30–80 kcal) to stop the "pulling" sensation and wait at least 30 mins before going to bed. Sleeping on an empty stomach can rouse you from sleep in the middle of the night.

17. Say 'No' to "Sparky"

What is the difference between sparkling water and carbonated water?

"Sparkling water" is just another name coined to beautify carbonated water and make it sound less harmful. They mean the same thing actually.

I personally don't think that moderate consumption of carbonated water (though artificially charged with carbon dioxide) can cause bone loss or even fracture based on some studies made on the beverage.

However, carbonated water can disturb your body's pH balance because it is acidic. Its acidity gets worse when flavored and sweetened with refined sugar, making it more acidic and thus, turning your body into a friendly environment for malicious bacteria and viruses to multiply.

On top of that, we all know that we exhale carbon dioxide because it's a toxic gas. Funny is that why do we drink "carbon dioxide" and bring the toxic gas back into our body? Will you get healthy by doing that?

Unless you need to ease an upset stomach, I don't see the need for us to take in what we exhale. Carbonated water has practically next to no nutrients at all.

Admittedly, I once loved effervescent beverages. The feeling is great especially when drinking in hot weather. But after realizing its potential damage to my health, I quit. You should too if you want to be healthy.

18. Say 'No' to drugs

What do you do when you have a headache? Pop in painkillers, right? What about insomnia? Sleeping pills then.

That's what people normally do.

Have you ever tried tracing back the causes of your headache or insomnia?

If you do a trace-back, you would have found the causes. What I mean is, identify the causes and nip them in the bud so that headache or sleepless nights won't come to you anymore and you don't have to keep dumping drugs into your body.

My point is, no matter what kind of condition you're suffering from, you may need to take some medications to relieve the agony now, but do your best to trace back and find the root causes and then root out the causes to keep your body free of medications. And at all times, try looking for natural remedies first before you seek medical help.

Our liver is already very busy with other critical bodily functions. Don't overburden it with more drugs to handle. It will go on a strike one day and start to shut down, and that's the end of you.

Unless you're already suffering from chronic conditions like Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases or kidney diseases that you have to take prescribed medicines every day, stay away from drugs as much as you can.

In fact, if your health is still not so bad, improve it now so that you can prevent yourself from sinking into any acute or chronic conditions.

19. Drink lemon water

Every morning, both my wife and I will drink some warm lemon water (made from fresh lemon juice and warm water without adding sugar, sweetener, salt or any other stuff) 15–30 mins before our breakfast.

For your infoLemon juice is acidic by nature. But it forms alkaline ash upon digestion which can help to regulate our blood pH.

Many fatal viruses and cancer cells will proliferate in acidic human body. Keeping your blood pH normal (i.e slightly alkaline) can help you stay healthy and thus, prevent many deadly diseases.

Warm lemon water in the morning helps to cleanse your colon and enhance your digestive power. Additionally, it contains vitamin C that will boost your immune system.

More importantly, it can suppress your appetite and make you eat lesser than you normally would. Thanks to its alkaline-forming effect that dilutes your gastric acid and mitigates your stomach's rumbling sensation.

You can tune the mixture to suit your taste and preference, but make sure it's not too sour (acidic) that it'll erode your teeth.

20. Check your urine color

We need sufficient water to help circulate blood smoothly so as to deliver nutrients to every part of our body efficiently, balance the pH of our blood and skin tissues, regulate our body temperature and work with dietary fiber to stimulate bowel movements etc.

If you don't have adequate fluid in your body, your body will go into a metabolic disorder. Excessive water intake is harmful too as it can lead to water poisoning which in turn results in seizures, brain damage or even death.

The problem is, how do you know you have sufficient fluid in your body for good health?

Simple. If your urine appears bright yellow, it shows you have low body fluid. Drink more water. If it looks clear and transparent like water, stop water intake for a while. Try to keep your urine color pale yellow. This is the optimal indicator that your body has got sufficient fluid.

Note: You don't need as much water (like 8 glasses per day) as you think you should. Don't forget that the fluid in your smoothies, juices, vegetables and other beverages and food constitutes your total daily water needs. Climates and activity levels may affect your need for water too.

21. Warm shower

Cold shower constricts your blood vessels. This is no good particularly for people with high blood pressure as constricted blood vessels will aggravate the condition.

Warm shower, on the other hand, expands your blood vessels and thus improves blood circulation.

But in hot weather, people love taking cold shower to cool their body. I mean, our body is warm, which shows that it's not suitable for cold shower even when you feel hot.

What I do during hot weather is I'll not take cold shower still, but instead adjust the water temperature to the warm level which I feel comfortable with.

Don't make the water too hot as this could scald your skin and cause burns. Just keep in mind that regardless of the surrounding temperature, keep your shower temperature warm.

22. Hit the sack by 11 P.M.

What time do you turn in every night?

If you're a night owl because you have too much nocturnal activities such as pubbing, online gaming or watching late night TV, I encourage you to stop doing that and start learning to sleep earlier.

From 11 P.M. to 2 A.M... this is the golden period where our body system is intensively repairing cells and tissues on which we have inadvertently or accidentally inflicted damage while we're awake doing house work, carrying things, working out or whatever. Just like some road works that have to be carried out in the night when traffic volume turns minimal, which allows for more repair work to be done.

If you miss this golden timing, your cells won't get optimally repaired and recovered and this will affect your sleep quality and of course, your next day's spirit and your productivity.

Having difficulty falling asleep by 11 P.M.? Check out these natural remedies for insomnia I have specially written for people with sleep problem.

23. Brush your teeth before and after sleep

"Our mouths are the home to billions of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other parasites and their toxins. Candida and Streptococcus are common residents in our mouths. It is these types of germs and their toxic waste products that cause gum disease and tooth decay and contribute to many other health problems including arthritis and heart disease. Our immune system is constantly fighting these troublemakers. If our immune system becomes overloaded or burdened by excessive stress, poor diet, environmental toxins and such, these organisms can spread throughout the body causing secondary infections and chronic inflammation, leading to any number of health problems.", says Dr Bruce Fife, a naturopathic doctor.

So, it's not just oral health or bad breath you have to take care of, but more on your overall health. And brushing your teeth is not an option anymore. You must do it for the good of your overall health.

When brushing your teeth, take your time and do not rush, otherwise the billions of bacteria, viruses and other parasites are still clinging to your teeth forming plaque that could cause tooth decay and gum disease.

I spend around 5 minutes brushing my teeth (with Auromère herbal toothpaste) every morning and night. So should you. And this is the recommended amount of time spent on tooth brushing. If you rush your way through, you might as well don't brush.

In addition, you should floss between teeth at least once a day to remove food particles that stick to breed bacteria and parasites.

24. Move it!

Don't be lazy. Take a good look at your tummy now. Is there a little pooch sticking out? Or worse, you're "5-month pregnant" now?

That's the end result of being lazy!

Start thinking 'active'. I mean, whatever you do, think of how you can exploit your surroundings to help you work out to burn fat and get fit and healthy.

For example, whenever someone asks for help to carry or move some heavy objects, I'll volunteer because I always treat this kind of thing as a workout. I don't have to go to gym.

When I go shopping, instead of taking escalator, I use the stairs. I prefer to walk than using travelator in the airport.

See that? I can burn fat in almost anything I do. Even at home I walk a lot as I need to tidy up the place here and there. There are so much things to do at home.

Because of moving a lot, I don't have a tummy or even a pooch.

I also think it's easier this way for most people when you incorporate "exercises" in the things you do.

Of course on top of that, I do block out 30 minutes to one hour every morning to work out to keep myself fit and healthy. And when I feel I'm a bit over-trained (sometimes I may forget that I need to rest), I stop and rest for a few days to allow for full recovery before I get back on my always-moving lifestyle again.

You should move a lot too. Moving means that you're healthy and it keeps you healthy.

Don't wait until the day you can't move due to stroke or other medical conditions then you start to engage in some physiotherapy trying to mobilize your joints, improve your blood flow and recover your movement and functions. That'll be too late.

Why wait till that day? Why not start doing now and you can prevent stroke, diabetes, heart disease and many other unpleasant medical conditions?

Remember to warm up before exercise and cool down after exercise.

Warm-up prepares your mind and body for workout, as well as preventing injury to muscles. Cool-down helps your body clear the lactic acid that build up during workout. Less lactic acid means less soreness and stiffness the next day.

Note: If you keep thinking about your unfinished work or worrying about your children or stressing over something else, you won't achieve maximum result with exercise. Hence, free your mind when you work out. Focus on the exercise.

25. Stay positive

Having ups and downs is part and parcel of life.

If you dip yourself in stress, sadness, fear, depression, disappointment, anger and other negative emotions in times of crisis like an economic downturn, your health will suffer due to the release of toxic chemicals.

You got to learn to accept the fact that we're not able to turn the tables on the situation solely by our own effort, especially when things are beyond our control.

The only thing you can do is change your mindset and see things from another perspective. And from there, devise a plan to overcome the problem.

Take me for example. Over the past few years, Google has made dramatic changes to its search algorithm (with the "penguin" and "panda" kinda stuff). Nearly all my websites were "slapped" and the traffic volume dipped by as high as 85%. My sites were not spammy. It's just that they happened to work against the new algo.

Many website owners vent their frustration and anger on multiple forums. 'F' words are flying around.

I, instead, prefer to stay cool and see what I can do on my part to bring my traffic back up again. My positive mindset opens me to many possibilities. I'm seeing dramatic improvement in my traffic volume again.

Keeping a positive mindset doesn't just work to broaden your sense of possibility and open your mind up to more options, it also actually triggers the release of endorphins (the "happy" hormones) which in turn raises levels of infection-fighting cells and thus, boosting your immunity to keep you healthy.

Positive people get to recover faster when they're down with flu, cold or other common illnesses. Positive mindset aids in fighting cancers too. I'm sure you're no stranger to news like that.

If staying positive has so many benefits, why subject yourself to negativities? It's just not worth it.

So, how to stay positive at all times?

Help people. Yes, the more people you extend your help to, the more positive and happier you'll become. That's it. It's just that simple!

26. Set a goal and stick to it!

When you have a goal in mind that you want to achieve, it'll keep you motivated. More motivation means less negative emotions. And this definitely can help step up your immunity.

My goal is to help people get healthy, stay healthy and lead a meaningful life. That's why I always feel motivated in anything I do. What's yours? Start thinking now and go for it!

27. Avoid extremes

Doesn't mean anything that is beneficial to your health you should eat a lot or do a lot. Too much of a good thing can become bad for you.

For example, basking in the hot sun. You need vitamin D for bone health. But if you over-expose yourself to UV, you get skin cancers as well.

That said, whatever good things that you do, moderation is the key to keep you safe, balanced and healthy.


Why am I able to come up with so many good habits and tips that promote health?

I did not pull these habits and tips out of nowhere or from elsewhere on the web, but from my own personal experience instead.

Yes, these are what I've been doing every day. I'm healthy. And I want you to be healthy too. Which is why I'm sharing the secrets of being healthy with you.

By staying healthy, you won't fall sick easily. Even if you do, your illness symptoms will always be mild and you're able to recover very quickly.

However, I don't want you to try quitting your bad habits cold turkey because abrupt changes won't last.

You may have other bad habits not shown here which are detrimental to your health and are affecting your relationship with your family and loved ones. Go ahead and correct them all.

If you can get rid of your bad habits one after another, you'll soon realize that you have more spare cash on hand than before because you've saved a lot on medical bills, like me. I've not been seeing doctors for years because I've realized that the "best doctor" is none other than myself.

As important as that, you'll become a lovable person whom anyone would love to be with. Don't you just love that?