Your quick coconut oil guide to amazing health

Are you new to coconut oil? Are you also confused because some say coconut oil is good while some say it's bad?

Well, this quick coconut oil guide will show you why coconut oil is good, but not too good to be true.

I've been eating a lot and using coconut oil extensively since 2006. It has exceptionally powerfully antimicrobial profile, indeed. If you're down with flu and you try eating coconut oil for that first few days, you'll feel very much better. I've tried and many have tried. The results are encouraging.

Not only that, its predominant (about 90%) saturated fats are good at neutralizing free-radical reactions. My bicycle ride under the burning hot sun for 4 hours was the best evidence ever to prove that the saturated fats in coconut oil do protect me against sunburn. You can try that out too if you don't believe.

Another huge benefit about coconut oil is its 50-64% medium-chain fatty acid content. These fatty acids are so small that our cells can effortlessly absorb and turn them into energy. When our cells feel invigorated, they can perform many challenging tasks efficiently.

If you've been plagued by low energy levels, start with one tablespoon of coconut oil per day for 2 weeks first. Thereafter, increase to 2 tablespoons per day. You'll find that you have more energy than before. Of course, the more coconut oil you eat per day, the better will be your condition.

Medium-chain fatty acids boost your metabolism too. Which is why more and more people are fixing their slow metabolism and losing weight with regular consumption of coconut oil.

In a nutshell, coconut oil benefits your health with its saturated fats, antimicrobial properties and medium-chain fatty acids. But you can take the benefits of coconut oil on your health to the next higher level by not offsetting its benefits.

Imagine you're taking coconut oil on one hand while you're also ingesting toxin-laden meat and lots of refined food on the other hand, how much benefits do you think coconut oil can provide for you?

Last but not least, not only you can eat coconut oil for health benefits, you can apply coconut oil to your skin and improve your skin condition too. Where else can you find such a wonderful plant food that can both benefit your health and skin?