How to apply coconut oil to face for acne

Some acne sufferers have tried treating acne on their face with coconut oil and it does help clear their skin of acne. The type of coconut oil used is key, as well as the way you apply coconut oil to your face for acne. Some diet changes are necessary too since good skin comes from the inside out.

Let's dig in.

1. Virgin or Refined Coconut Oil?

Virgin coconut oil has the best combination of various antimicrobials to help keep your acne bacteria in the skin on your face in check. (Please note that extra-virgin coconut oil is the same as virgin coconut oil.)

We don't kill all acne bacteria since when they stay in balance on our face they actually help protect against harmful bacterial growth and attack. That's why the purpose of coconut oil in this aspect is to help restore the balance of acne bacteria.

If you don't like your face to emit the odor that is naturally present in virgin coconut oil, you can use RBD coconut oil instead. It is a refined, bleached and deodorized coconut oil, that's why the name 'RBD'.

This refined coconut oil has almost the same antimicrobial structure as that of virgin coconut oil, except for the coconut odor. Virgin coconut oil looks crystal clear in liquid form while RBD coconut oil appears yellowish but clear.

If you happen to stumble upon fractionated coconut oil, if you wish to, you can try it to see if it can help treat acne on your face.

Fractionated coconut oil is considered a refined coconut oil. However, it should not help much with acne since it carries only 2 compounds in it, which are caprylic and capric acids. The antimicrobial properties are greatly discounted because of that.

Whichever coconut oil you choose to use for acne on your face, get the organic type since organic product is free of pesticides and potentially harmful chemicals.

2. Light Coating on Skin

Our skin gets saturated easily, particularly the skin on our face since it is thinner as compared to other parts of our body.

Therefore, each time you should only apply a dab of coconut oil on the skin of your face and massage it gently in circular motion to help get the oil quickly absorbed into your skin.

But before application, make sure you cleanse your face thoroughly and try to use the kind of facial cleanser which is as natural as possible, otherwise your skin might further get clogged by unknown chemicals and your acne condition will exacerbate.

It's best to at least apply twice a day, once in the morning upon wake-up and once at night before bedtime.

But if you want to get rid of acne faster, then you should re-apply coconut oil to your face as often as you deem necessary.

Just keep in mind to leave roughly a 2-hour interval in between applications to allow complete absorption of coconut oil into your skin.

3. Diet Makeover

Your diet definitely needs a makeover. But need not a complete one for now, I guess.

Just execute some changes to make your diet healthier, like including more vegetables especially the dark leafy greens. These greens are real superfoods. They're filled to the brim with skin-nourishing nutrients. They also carry tons of fiber with them that can help flush out the toxins inside your body.

You need to cleanse the pores on the skin so your face will look good, right?

Same principle. You need to cleanse your inner body so that you have less toxins clogging internally that upsets the functionality of your organs.

Acne flare is actually an indicator that tells you your body has internally become overloaded with toxins. Our liver can help to remove toxins under normal circumstances. But not when you keep pumping lots of toxins into your body day after day. The end result would be an acne flare especially on your face.

Hence, you need to get rid of as much toxins in your body as possible.

But munching on vegetables may seem scary to someone like you.

Fret not. Blend them with some of your favorite fruits like banana, blueberries etc to make a green smoothie for yourself. It's easier to gulp it down this way and also, easier for your body to absorb the nutrients quickly.

While increasing your veggie intake, cut back on your meat intake as meat contains loads of toxins. Have you ever seen a hardcore meat-eater having his or her skin radiant and glow?

You won't. Because his or her body has amassed way too much toxins that flow to the skin and make their skin look dull and dispirited, as well as oily and acne-prone.

Remember, your skin is a direct reflection of your health.

To help cure your acne faster by means of toxin removal, you should also consume coconut oil as coconut oil helps to detox.