2 Reasons Coconut Oil is Good for Acne Treatment

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2 Reasons Coconut Oil is Good for Acne Treatment

By Soon Chai

Are you plagued by acne? If you've not tried using coconut oil for acne treatment yet, give it a shot because more and more acne sufferers have proven its effectiveness on acne treatment. Why is coconut oil good for acne treatment, by the way?

1. Coconut Oil Removes Toxins

Toxins have a pronounced impact on our liver and a weak liver function relates to acne formation. Let me explain.

When your liver gets overloaded with toxins via your junk food intake, your liver may fail to shut down the androgenic hormones in time.

Androgenic hormones are what stimulate your sebaceous glands to secrete sebum (skin oil). If these oil glands are not shut down in time, they'll keep secreting sebum that makes your skin oily and hence, acne-prone.

Eating coconut oil helps your internal system to get rid of toxins, thus reducing your liver's detoxification load that in turn enabling your liver to more effectively shut down the androgenic hormones when sufficient sebum has already been secreted.

That's one good way coconut oil removes toxins from your body to aid in acne treatment. Another way is that by putting coconut oil on your skin, it helps to draw toxins from underneath your skin and purge it out of the surface.

However, topical application of coconut oil may result in more acne breakouts if you do have lots of toxins amassed beneath your skin for years. This is good rather than bad as it shows that coconut oil is doing its job – detox.

2. Coconut Oil Restores Acne Bacterial Count

First off, acne bacteria are not at all bad for you. They're good for you as a matter of fact because when they're in moderate amount and stay in balance with your internal system, these acne bacteria actually help to fend off other harmful bacteria, keeping your skin safe from bacterial invasion.

But when your skin suddenly produces more sebum (due to an overload of toxins) and since acne bacteria feed on sebum, they'll multiply and cause inflammation.

Coconut oil is good at killing excess acne bacteria and restoring their balance in our body and on our skin because of its antimicrobial properties.

So, these are why coconut oil is good for acne treatment. But if you keep taking junk food that continually "pour" toxins into your body, it'll take coconut oil forever to remove the toxins and restore your acne bacterial count. Therefore, you should also improve your diet in the meantime of treating your acne with coconut oil.

About The Author

Soon Chai encourages you to visit FussyBody.com/use-coconut-oil-for-acne/ that provides more insight into treating acne with coconut oil so that you can quickly get rid of acne and effectively heal the scars left behind with ease. [Article source: iOneHealth.com]