3 Effective Uses of Coconut Oil on Skin

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3 Effective Uses of Coconut Oil on Skin

By Soon Chai

As far as I'm concerned, coconut oil is extremely good for skin care such as moisturizing skin, blocking UV radiation and treating acne. But there are some specific details you need to know in order to maximize its uses as a skin moisturizer, sunscreen or acne treatment lotion. Let me show you.

1. Skin Moisturizer

If your skin is dry and it even cracks , like on your palms or heels, apply a small amount of coconut oil and then rub it gently until your skin absorbs it. Re-apply as often as the dryness of your skin requires.

Some people say that coconut oil sinks into their very dry skin quickly, but it does not moisturize their skin deep enough. Actually, if you re-apply as often as necessary, even with very dry skin, the dryness will go away within a day and cracks will heal in 3-7 days, depending on how deep the cracks are.

Trust me. I'm the kind with very dry skin for years particularly in a low humidity environment. My palms crack and become flaky easily. My heels crack even more easily. Coconut oil saves them all and return them with a smooth, flawless texture.

Of course, you should also drink enough water. Don't rely on coconut oil alone even though moisturizing skin is one of its best uses. Coconut oil plus water will help to keep your skin more flawlessly smooth and supple at all times.

Special note for uses of coconut oil on heels and lips: Heels normally heal relatively slower due to the pressure placed on the heels during walking or running. To speed up the healing, massage 2-3 layers of coconut oil on your cracked heels and put on socks before you sleep so the oil won't smear your bed sheet and you can leave the oil on your heels for longer hours for a more intensive tissue repair. Do this every night until your cracked heels heal.

As for dry lips, prepare a small handy bottle (like 5-10 ml that kind) of coconut oil with you. Then dip your finger into the oil and smear your lips with it just like a lady applying lipstick. The moisturizing effect lasts as long as a quality lip balm. Best, you can eat it along with food without fearing ingesting "don't know what" chemicals as in the case of using commercial lip balm.

2. Sunscreen

Did you know that coconut oil can protect you from sunburn?

While it may not have a high SPF value that blocks UV like those commercial chemical-loaded sunscreen out there, coconut oil actually prevents free radicals from wrecking your skin cells till your skin burns.

UV from sun always never fails to excite free-radical reactions and causes sunburn and even skin cancer. As coconut oil contains about 90% saturated fats that act as antioxidants to counteract free-radical activity, your skin becomes very well protected from the sun. Not only that, because coconut oil does not actually block out the radiation, your skin gets to make enough Vitamin D for supporting good health.

No wonder when I spread the oil on my skin before I swim or cycle, I don't get sunburn easily. Under the scorching hot sun for hours, all I need is a thicker layer for protection against the UV radiation.

When I say 'thicker', it means multiple layers. The hotter the sun is, the more layers of coconut oil you should put on your skin. And this time around it's okay to get greasy a bit. Try it yourself and you'll swear by its ability to "block" the sun. This is one of the greatest uses and benefits of coconut oil on skin I've ever discovered.

3. Acne Treatment

Of the many uses on skin, using coconut oil for acne treatment is kind of a tricky stuff. This is because if you've accumulated loads of toxins underneath your skin, more breakouts may occur when coconut oil tries to draw those toxic crap up to the surface of your skin and make them appear like your acne is getting worse. But in fact, this is how coconut oil treats your acne – it cleanses your toxins first before it helps to clear your skin.

If you want your acne to heal faster with less breakouts with the use of coconut oil, you should stop your junk food intake and start taking more skin-nourishing fruits and vegetables.

Tip: When using coconut oil on your skin, you should always apply and massage only a thin layer each time, and re-apply as many times as you deem fit. Too much at one time makes your skin oily. And before application, cleanse your skin thoroughly to help improve the absorption. Also, use virgin coconut oil if your want better results since virgin coconut oil contains more skin-beneficial compounds than most refined coconut oil, which may contain impurities that clog the pores.

About The Author

Soon Chai invites you to visit FussyBody.com/use-coconut-oil-for-skin-care/ for more details on how you can use coconut oil to make your skin glow and keep it smooth, bouncy and young even when you're in your 50s. [Article source: iOneHealth.com]