Does coconut oil cause acne?

The reason why some people mistakenly thought that coconut oil clogs pores and causes acne is mainly because some acne sufferers have got their acne condition aggravated after using the oil. I can vouch for the fact that coconut oil does not cause acne. In fact, coconut oil helps acne and heals your skin instead. But why do some acne sufferers experience more acne breakouts with it?... find out more ›

What is fractionated coconut oil?

Fractionated coconut oil is a refined coconut oil that contains only caprylic and capric acids, which you can find in goat milk, natural coconut oil, palm kernel oil and corn oil. Fractionated coconut oil is named as such not because it is an extraction from natural coconut oil, but because it composes of... find out more ›

Where to buy fractionated coconut oil?

Before you purchase fractionated coconut oil, are you already familiar with fractionated coconut oil? Do you know that the one that is labeled fractionated coconut oil is solely meant for external use only? That means you can only use this fractionated coconut oil for skin care, hair care and massaging etc. You can't consume this fractionated coconut oil because... find out more ›

Does coconut oil cure acne?

Technically speaking, coconut oil does not cure acne. But it does help with acne to a good extent. That's because it contains antimicrobials that kill excess acne bacteria. When acne bacteria multiply to a degree that gets out of hand, inflammation takes place and dead skin cells are shedding at faster rate. These dead cells then... find out more ›

What is coconut oil made of?

Some thought coconut oil has fiber because it helps to loosen bowels. Several others say that coconut oil is rich in vitamin E and so it is good for skin. The fact is, coconut oil does loosen bowels but it does not have a least bit of fiber. It is good for skin but it has an extremely small... find out more ›