How to choose the best virgin coconut oil

If you need virgin coconut oil for say, acne treatment, for skin care, for fighting flu or simply for health benefits, then you really need to learn how to choose the best virgin coconut oil to fulfill your needs.

1. Color

Crystal clear like water is what you should check for when virgin coconut oil is in liquid form. If it looks cloudy, it may be due to the low surrounding temperature since virgin coconut oil starts to solidify below 76 °F (24 °C).

It should not appear yellowish. Yellow hue is the characteristic of refined coconut oil, not virgin coconut oil.

And when it turns solid under 76 °F (24 °C), it should appear as white as snow, not even a tinge of yellow.

2. "Mother"

My years of coconut oil experience tells me that the best virgin coconut oil should have some soft, foggy stuff settling to the bottom. This is the essential characteristic of a good virgin coconut oil, which I call it the "Mother", just as in the case of apple cider vinegar.

But I notice that many brands do not seem to understand this and filter off the essence so that the oil appears completely clear without settlement. What a shame!

3. Coconut Aroma

Because it is cold-pressed from fresh coconut meat, virgin coconut oil should carry its intrinsic coconut-y fragrance. But depending on the place where coconut trees are grown and the methods they use to extract the oil, the aroma can differ significantly.

You just have to test out different brands to find the one that gives you the best aroma that soothes you.

4. Organic

When you choose a virgin coconut oil that is organic, that is of course better than non-organic virgin coconut oil because it is free from pesticides. But it would also mean that it's relatively pricey.

5. Chemical-Free

Oil companies tend to use chemical solvent such as hexane to increase the yield. If the virgin coconut oil is extracted without using this chemical or others, this is the best quality virgin coconut oil you can ever own. Again, it will cost you more for being chemical-free.

These are the 5 basics to help you pick the best virgin coconut oil.

In fact, there is one more which may or may not appear critical to you – the type of container that is used to hold the oil. You'll definitely come across virgin coconut oil being commonly packed in plastic container. Only a couple of companies provides the option of glass jar or bottle to hold the oil.

Using glass is of course, better since you won't have to worry about having plastic tainting the oil when leaching occurs. But some people do not mind as long as the oil still smells and tastes like coconut. Of course, the price is still the main concern since plastic is relatively cheaper and having a glass-held virgin coconut oil is not necessary to them. What do you think?