9 common uses of coconut oil

Coconut oil has hundreds of uses, but I'll just share with you these 9 common uses to give you a good head start. They are all tested and proven and you'll probably find two or more uses that apply to your everyday life and help fix your problem.

1. Dry, Cracked Skin

Drip a dab of coconut oil on the dry (or cracked) area, rub and massage for about 5 minutes. Coconut oil will penetrate and moisturize your skin. It works wonders on cracked heels too. I suggest that you use coconut oil on your dry or cracked skin as often as possible until the dryness are gone and cracks are healed, and then continue to use it every night before bed to maintain the softness of your skin.

2. Dry or Cracked Lips

Many lip balms contain the fatty acids in coconut oil as staple ingredients. But you can make your own portable lip balm by pouring coconut oil over to a small, clean bottle. It keeps your lips smooth, silky, and shiny. And it heals any cracks on your lips too.

3. Scrapes and Cuts

Applying coconut oil to an open wound forms a thin, protective layer which prevents outside dust, bacteria and viruses from breaking into the wound. Even if some bacteria and viruses have come into contact with your wound before the application, coconut oil will penetrate and kill the bacteria and viruses on the spot.

4. Body Odor

You can use coconut oil as a deodorant because coconut oil kills bacteria that cause the bad odor. You'll need to first wipe clean your armpit with a damp cloth to remove sweat, then let it dry before putting a good amount on it and re-apply as often as you require. Too little coconut oil won't help much especially when you have strong body odor.

5. Protein Loss in Hair

Though coconut oil in itself doesn't contain protein, it provides an effective coating to prevent protein loss in your hair. You want your hair to look shiny and radiant, applying just a dab will do the trick. Too much can make your hair too greasy for comfort and can easily attract dust.

6. Removing Makeup

Put a small amount of coconut oil on the cotton swab and clean up your makeup. Unlike other makeup removers, coconut oil keeps your skin moisturized at the same time right after.

7. Natural Protection at Beach

One of the uses that I like very much – using coconut oil as a natural sunscreen to keep sunburn at bay. You need to apply a thin layer one after another to get adequate protection from UV.

8. Yeast Infection

For this, you must use organic virgin coconut oil. Soak an organic tampon in the oil for 15 minutes and inserting it overnight will clear up the infection. For best effect, continue with 3 more days until you're sure the infection is totally gone.

9. Toe Fungus

Rub coconut oil on your feet and its anti-fungal properties will kill the fungus for you. No more stinky athlete's foot.

Other than these 9 uses, you can also use coconut oil for acne treatment. Yes, it will help to expel toxins and kill acne bacteria that are two of the causal factors for acne breakout. Coconut oil is good for losing weight too because it increases your metabolism.

What other uses of coconut oil do you have in mind?