Why cooking with coconut oil is good for you

Imagine you keep on cooking with the common types of cooking oil such as peanut oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, corn oil, soybean oil or whatever you have in your kitchen (except coconut oil), your health will turn for the worse because these common cooking oils have one thing in common – they're very unsaturated. Even the healthful olive oil is not good for cooking, by the way.

Thought that unsaturated fats are good, huh? What a big-time misconception!

Saturated fats are better, but of course, they have to be short- or medium-chain and not those that present in animal flesh which are all long-chain fats. Long-chain fats are hard to digest and break down for use as energy and that's why they get stored as body fat easily. Look around your waist for evidence.

Coconut oil provides you with mostly medium-chain saturated fats and because of this, your cooked food does not turn bad easily even when you leave it out in the cold for hours because saturated fats can help to fight oxidation. I've tried that before and my fried brown rice with coconut oil still tasted as good as before serving.

Even the heat generated during cooking does not cause coconut oil to oxidize easily unless the temperature has gone up to 350 °F (177 °C), which is the point coconut oil starts to smoke and fall apart.

So long as you maintain your cooking temperature below the smoke point, you'll be sound and safe cooking with coconut oil.

Another good thing about cooking with coconut oil is that the medium-chain fats in coconut oil do not require insulin to enter your cells. This means that coconut oil does not tap into your insulin reserve but yet can supply quick energy to your cells to increase their metabolism and improve their cellular functions. For this reason, more and more overweight people are taking coconut oil to help them lose weight.

Yes, it doesn't matter whether you cook with it or eat it raw, coconut oil is good for your health.

Of course, eating coconut oil raw provides the best benefits for your health since heat is not involved to carry away any nutrients from coconut oil. But if you need to cook, then look no further than coconut oil.