Does coconut oil cure acne?

Technically speaking, coconut oil does not cure acne. But it does help with acne to a good extent. That's because it contains antimicrobials that kill excess acne bacteria. When acne bacteria multiply to a degree that gets out of hand, inflammation takes place and dead skin cells are shedding at faster rate. These dead cells then clog pores easily, causing pimples to pop up and forming acne.

Hence, the antimicrobials in coconut oil are good for acne.

Another way coconut oil benefits acne is that it helps to detox your body.

Toxins are the prime cause of acne. That's because when you weigh your body down with dioxins, steroid hormones and acidic ash from meat and other highly processed food, your liver suffers as a result.

One of your liver functions is to deactivate androgens, which are hormones that trigger your oil glands to secrete skin oil. When your liver gets overloaded with toxins ("thanks" to your junk intake), deactivation of androgens becomes less effective leading to more androgens not deactivated. Result?

More skin oil will produce and your skin becomes oily and acne-prone.

So, when you use coconut oil for acne treatment, it helps to strengthen your liver so that your liver can effectively deactivate the androgens and hence, prevent excessive skin oil secretion.

When you got less skin oil, acne bacteria will stop multiplying since less food is present for them and your dead skin cells will shed at normal rate, reducing the odds of them clogging your pores.

Despite the fact that coconut oil benefits acne, it's never a permanent cure for acne since acne is not an infection like flu where you simply just kill the flu virus with coconut oil and it's gone, but rather a condition that is primarily caused by unhealthy way of living.

Hence, a dramatic makeover to your diet and lifestyle is the key to an effective and long-lasting cure for acne.

But how to make such changes?

Simple, cut back on your intake of meat and other highly processed food. Start taking more natural whole foods like fruits, grains and vegetables. The darker the color of the greens, the stronger its benefits will be on your skin and healing acne.

Is that all?

Get started with some exercises. It doesn't matter what kind of exercises you do. What's more important is that you're comfortable with the intensity of the workouts.

I'm not saying that you should continue to live with your exercise-free lifestyle since that is what makes you most comfortable. What I mean is, kick-start with some simple and light exercises that you're more comfortable with, then move on with greater intensity level to improve your overall bodily functions.