Does coconut oil help acne?

You probably have mixed feelings about using coconut oil for acne, especially when you have heard some people saying that coconut oil is good for treating acne while others are complaining about coconut oil causing a severe breakout on their face. So, does coconut oil cause or help acne?

From my standpoint, yes, coconut oil does help acne. If it causes acne, I would be plagued with pimples and whiteheads all over my body including my face since I'm using it every day for skin care besides consuming it for health benefits.

Also, the so-called breakout caused by using coconut oil is actually temporary as long as you stop pouring more toxins into your body during your acne treatment with coconut oil.

Here's a very good evidence I pulled from a forum:

"The same thing happened to me with coconut oil. Started out with immediate improvement and then got terrible acne for about 4 weeks. I stuck with it and my skin is getting better every single day. I think I just had so much crap underneath my skin that it took a long time to purge it out. Now my pores are smaller than they've ever been and for the past 2 weeks I haven't had any new pimples and the ones I had are going away quickly." ~ Maja

But what Maja has not revealed is that she probably has also made some dramatic changes to her diet and lifestyle, otherwise, she would not have gotten her acne improved even after 4 weeks because I've seen people suffering the breakout for as long as few months.

Coconut oil does help acne because it provides very strong detox for your body and skin due to it having medium-chain fatty acids, which are well known for their capability to penetrate cells without insulin and power up cells with immediate energy to help them "split out" toxic substances that have been storing inside them for years.

When your skin cells receive ample energy, they not only purge toxins but will also help to rebuild damaged cells quickly.

Additionally, these same medium-chain fatty acids also have antimicrobial properties that will help to kill thereby stopping the overgrowth of acne bacteria.

You see that? Coconut oil is good for acne because it really helps to improve your acne problem and heal your skin as much as it can.

But treating your acne with coconut oil does not guarantee a 100% result.

Imagine you still carry on consuming toxin-laden meat and chemical-loaded processed food, and leading a sedentary and stressful lifestyle (stress causes hormonal imbalance), it will take your body and skin forever to purge and cleanse the toxic substances inside your body.

Like if you're down with flu, and you continue to slog your guts out and refuse to rest, the flu drugs prescribed by doctors won't be able to take its effect in full swing.

Which is why many experience a long period of acne breakout with coconut oil and nothing seems to improve until they improve their acne-triggering diet and hormone-disturbing lifestyle.

That said, do not take for granted that since coconut oil is good for acne it should work as effectively as expected by simply consuming it and/or using it on skin regularly without improving your diet and lifestyle.