3 tips to eat coconut oil for weight loss

Coconut oil can boost your metabolism, thus activating your fat-burning mechanism and keeping it running 24 hours round the clock. But you must take it the right way if you wish to achieve the weight loss result you're expecting from eating it. Otherwise, you'll probably gain weight instead.

1. Choose Organic Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

If the coconut oil you eat is not organic, which means, it may contain certain degrees of pesticides, bacteria, fungi and other contaminants, then your body, instead of fully concentrating on burning fat to lose weight, has to partially handle removal of these bad, toxic chemicals.

What's even worse is that the fat-burning compounds in coconut oil which are also capable of fighting bacteria and purging toxins will be used by your body to deal with these unwelcome invaders.

In other words, if it's not organic, the weight loss effect of coconut oil will be greatly negated.

So, organic coconut oil is what you need to eat for effective weight loss.

2. Eat the Right Quantity for Weight Loss

If you ask me, "How much coconut oil should I take for greatest fat-burning effect?"

My answer would be, "As much as your body can take it."

Coconut oil does not only burn fat, but it loosens your bowels too. It's simply detoxifying. By the way, detox and burning fat are two keys to effective weight loss.

But for beginners, I would suggest starting out in small amount like 1 tablespoon spreading throughout the day. The purpose of eating this way is not to produce fat-burning effect (though it does have some), but rather, to help your body adapt to coconut oil's bowel-loosening property.

I've got people taking 2 tablespoons in one shot in the morning and keep running to the bathroom 5 – 8 times a day. This is actually good in my opinion because it flushes out toxic waste from your body. But for people like the seniors, they may cringe at the thought of eating coconut oil if they know they have to visit the bathroom so often.

Once you feel your body can take in more coconut oil, up the intake. 4 tablespoons are max for most people in general. But if you can go beyond that, by all means.

3. Be Patient

Eating coconut oil for weight loss is not rocket science. It's not a crash diet either. It is a healthy weight loss regimen, as a matter of fact.

It does not take one or two days for you to grow that fat, right? So similarly, you can't expect to burn fat for one or two days and you'll slim down. Allow a reasonable time frame for coconut oil to take its weight loss effect on you.

Bonus Tip

Coconut oil helps to lose weight more effectively with a diet that is fiber-rich and nutrient-dense, particularly the plant-based diet. So, if you're not a vegetarian or vegan, you might want to adjust your diet by cutting back on your meat intake and increasing your vegetable intake.