3 Mistakes When Eating Coconut Oil for Health Benefits

Eating coconut oil mistakes

Although coconut oil does provide tremendous health benefits for us, you won't get too much benefits out of it if you make these same mistakes that many people have committed.

Mistake #1 – Taking Too Much Coconut Oil

After hearing so many good things about coconut oil and how it benefits our health by improving our immunity and boosting our metabolism, many people just can't wait to lay their tongues on it. And when they do, they eat too much in one sitting.

I mean, there's nothing wrong with consuming a lot of coconut oil for health benefits. But the thing is, coconut oil may trigger diarrhea-like symptoms when you take too much of it in one sitting. Heard of that?

Coconut oil contains very potent detoxifying compounds that can stimulate bowel movement. If you're just getting started with eating coconut oil for health benefits, start with small amount and spread out your intake over the day.

Even if you're already seasoned with taking a lot of coconut oil at one go, I still encourage you to spread out the amount (say, 4 tablespoons) to enhance its absorption by our body and stretch out the protection.

Mistake #2 – Not Eating Enough for Health Benefits

Coconut oil forms an essential part of my diet. Because of that, I'm very well protected against harmful bacteria, viruses and other super germs transmitting in the air or via food.

But if you treat it like a supplement and eat a moderate quantity of it, you'll still get to fall sick though not as frequent as you used to.

I've been there. I was skeptical about how much coconut oil can do for my health at first. I still fell sick occasionally until I increase my intake to the level beyond taking it as a supplement.

I'm feeling extremely wonderful with my health now. This is so much better than using antiseptic liquid at home or drinking herbal soup or special tonic to step up our immunity and keep us protected against germs, viruses and bacteria.

I'm protected anywhere and everywhere I go, so long as I get adequate intake of coconut oil every single day. How did I do that?

Simple, I cook with coconut oil. I add it raw to literally all my food and drinks. And I bring it wherever I go.

Mistake #3 – Falling into the "One Size Fits All" Trap

This is one of the most common mistakes people make... a great misconception about coconut oil.

True, eating coconut oil benefits your health a lot by protecting you against various modern maladies and diseases such as flu, heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, diabetes, liver disease etc, but that is provided you IMPROVE your lifestyle and diet as well.

There is no one food that can keep you strong and healthy alone. You still need a combination of various other nutrients working alongside coconut oil to strengthen your fight against these maladies and diseases.

Imagine you continue smoking, drinking, eating lots of meat and other junk food and then take 4 tablespoons of coconut oil per day, how much health benefits do you think you can reap out of it?

Your common sense will tell you.

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