3 mistakes when eating coconut oil for weight loss

Coconut oil is a fat that burns fat indeed. But you may not see much weight loss or worse, gain more weight if you make these mistakes.

1. Inadequate Coconut Oil Intake for Fat Loss

You have learned that coconut oil burns fat and promotes weight loss, right? Then it makes perfect sense to take as much as you can (I mean, not to the extent that gives you too many runs making you look like having a diarrhea).

If you're still using corn oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil or other unsaturated oils, use them in other ways like greasing your wooden furniture, oil pulling (if you're fine with swishing oil in your mouth), lubricating mechanical parts or whatever you can think of instead of using them as cooking oils because unsaturated fats in these dietary oils can offset or even negate the fat-burning effect of coconut oil.

You end up losing nothing with eating coconut oil, or worse, keep gaining weight since the fat-burning effect of coconut oil will always be displaced by the unhealthy cooking oils you're using.

Change your cooking oil to coconut oil now if you've not already done so. And add more coconut oil to your food before serving to ensure you're eating enough for weight loss.

2. Not Taking Coconut Oil Every Day

You're already lazy in working out for weight loss, but if you're also lazy in consuming coconut oil, then why choose coconut oil for fat loss in the first place?

I mean, this tropical oil is not something that you take on alternate days and then expect its fat-melting effect to last that long. A tablespoon of it can keep your fat-burning mechanism running for several hours, but when you increase it to say, 3 tablespoons per day, it can help you burn fat for as long as 24 hours.

If it has such a strong fat-burning response, why not take coconut oil every day to gain its powerful weight loss benefits? Make sense?

Not eating coconut oil for a day means you're likely to gain some fats on that day since you're likely to ingest unsaturated long-chain fats that store more body fat via your food intake. So, eat coconut oil for weight loss every day and keep the momentum going.

3. No Control of Total Calorie Intake

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not asking you to restrict your caloric intake to lose weight. What I'm asking is that, eat only when you feel hungry and when you eat, keep your satiety level at 60-70 %.

Because when you subject yourself to binge eating, the total calories you ingest will be too much for coconut oil to burn off. This is why some people who got emotional eating problem say that coconut oil does not help them lose weight.

In fact, coconut oil does help to suppress appetite to certain extent and may even help emotional eating people. But if your binge eating issue is too strong for coconut oil to subdue, then you should try to look for a psychological solution to your binge eating problem, otherwise, consuming coconut oil may likely make your weight loss futile.


The extra mistake that most people make is that they perceive coconut oil to be super fat-burning and so they simply leave their weight loss responsibility on its shoulders. Because of this, they thought that by eating coconut oil and yet lazing around living in their usual sedentary lifestyle will effect weight loss on them.

Well, it may be true that even if you don't exercise, by just ingesting coconut oil you'll lose weight. But the fat loss will effect very slowly and you'll probably see apparent results only after several months. I would suggest that you get started on some light exercises to complement coconut oil's weight loss power. The excess dangling fats on your body will melt faster when you do so.

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  1. I know somebody who was massively obese use it at the age of 50 and he lost a mountain load of weight. So much so that people thought he became ill. On the other hand I tried to do the same thing and gained weight. Difference between the both of us. He drank a lot of coffee and added coconut oil with it. I drank tea. Not the same.

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