How to get the most health benefits from virgin coconut oil

Of the different types of coconut oil, virgin coconut oil gives you the most health benefits due to the way it is extracted and handled. However, its health benefits can easily be depreciated or even neutralized when you eat it the wrong way.

1. Don't Take It Like a Supplement

Virgin coconut oil is more than just a supplement. It's a food by itself. And you should eat more of it just like any other food. I recommend a daily dose of 3-4 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil for best health benefits for both men and women.

So, how can you achieve that amount every day? Simple. Just substitute it for the cooking oil in your kitchen.

Note for Beginners: You should always start with 1 tablespoon spreading over a day and then progressively increase your intake of virgin coconut oil until you reach 4 tablespoons, which are max for most people in general. Otherwise, you may suffer diarrhea effect if you take too much virgin coconut oil in one sitting.

2. Never Negate Its Health Benefits

You know that virgin coconut oil provides the most health benefits. But did you know that you can easily offset its health benefits with the junk food you consume?

Especially animal proteins that contain the most varieties of toxins and bacteria (to top it off, antibiotic and growth hormone residues if they're not organic), eating too much of them is akin to courting fast death.

Toxins in animal proteins promote cancerous growth and encourage development of degenerative diseases. Bacteria, antibiotic and growth hormone residues can overload your liver and cause digestive disorder and nutrient absorption problem.

Increasing your intake of virgin coconut oil can at best help you neutralize the harmful effects from animal proteins to a certain degree only. You end up gaining zero nutritional benefits from the healthful properties of virgin coconut oil.

Imagine a heavy smoker breathes in fresh air to clear his lung every morning, how much do you think he can benefit from the fresh air? Only when he totally quit smoking then can he fully obtain the health benefits from fresh air. Make sense?

So, go make some adjustments to your food choices and increase the nutritional value of your diet by including more plant-based (but less processed) food, only then can virgin coconut oil give you the full health benefits you deserve to stay healthy and disease-free for life.

3. Take It Wherever You Go

If it's so good for you, why wouldn't you take it with you wherever you go? Right?

I got quite a huge inventory of virgin coconut oil at home. I also hold some in few very small (5 ml) containers (each got a pump) and 100 ml bottles. The 5 ml is for topical application to keep my skin moisturized or for mosquito bites (it's very effective against mosquito bites, by the way) while the 100 ml bottle will satisfy my needs for health protection when I eat out. Both are portable enough for me to take them wherever I go, even overseas.

You should do likewise. You don't just get protection at home, but you should get protection out of your home as well.

If you can't find portable containers or bottles like mine, you can buy virgin coconut oil in veggie capsules, which are portable and handy. They're great supplements to your total daily intake of virgin coconut oil to make sure you get the most health benefits out of the oil.

Note: I suggest veggie capsule because of the potential health risk of animal-derived softgel capsule. Any animal-derived products may contain antibiotic, hormone residues and diseased animal tissues.