How long does coconut oil take to cure acne?

First off, coconut oil does not cure acne. I have to tell you upfront because that's the fact. Coconut oil does help with acne but it can never help keep your skin acne-free for good because the root cause of acne lies with your diet and lifestyle.

What I'm trying to say is that, you can treat acne with coconut oil but when it comes to permanently keeping acne at bay you got to make some changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Of course, it may sound to you that coconut oil works just like any other acne-fighting creams or lotions that on the surface help to reduce pimples but yet actually will bury more chemicals and toxins into your skin and when the time is ripe acne breaks out once again.

Coconut oil, in fact, goes even further than just that to help with your acne treatment and try to reduce the odds of acne flare.

For example, coconut oil is filled with antimicrobial compounds which are powerful killers for acne bacteria. These same antimicrobial compounds can also help to relieve some loads off your liver (when you consume coconut oil) by eliminating any parasites or viruses attacking your liver so that your liver can effectively and timely "turn off" the hormones that stimulate the secretion of your skin oil.

Skin oil is what feed the acne bacteria and causes them to multiply unstoppably. Blood toxins that store in your skin tissues do play a part in the overgrowth of acne bacteria too.

When you apply coconut oil to your skin, it helps to expel those toxins and other toxic chemicals (from the cosmetics you use) out of your skin via your pores. So with less toxic stuff buried in your skin and a great reduction in acne bacteria, your acne will improve.

That's how coconut oil helps with treating acne.

However, if you do nothing to your diet and continue taking acne-triggering food like dairy, egg, toxin-laden meat, fried food and other sugar-loaded food, the healing effect of coconut oil on acne can largely be negated.

That's why I said if you want to cure acne permanently, coconut oil is not the solution. A change to your diet and lifestyle is. Coconut oil is at best, a supplementary aid to the ultimate cure of acne.

Oh, so how long does coconut oil take to help with your acne treatment? That largely depends on how severe your acne is.

If you're determined enough to get rid of your acne for good and you make dramatic changes to your diet and lifestyle, coconut oil can probably help you take care of acne in a matter of days.

But if nothing changes to your diet and lifestyle, it can take coconut oil several weeks or even months to gradually improve your acne condition. But nonetheless, you're still acne-prone.

So what's the point of using coconut oil for acne if all you need is just making changes to your diet and lifestyle? Coconut oil helps to expedite acne healing. That's the answer.