How long does it take coconut oil to help lose weight?

How much weight do you need to lose? By determining that we can roughly calculate how long it'll take coconut oil to help you lose weight. For example, let's say you need to shed 20 pounds to get into normal BMI. In that case, 3 tablespoons of coconut oil daily will probably burn off 3–5 pounds per month, which means it'll take you 4–6 months to achieve your weight loss goal. Too long?

Actually not.

Weight loss is not all about how fast you should go, but how safe and permanent your weight loss journey is instead.

By the way, the fat-burning effect of coconut oil will go stronger on you when you got more fat to lose. That means, if you're overweight by 50 pounds, you may only need about 8 months of coconut oil diet to help you get to your target. And as you get down closer to normal BMI, the fat-burning effect will subside.

Which is why fatter people experience relatively stronger fat-burning and more weight loss with coconut oil.

Back to melting 20 pounds. Of course, the improvement of your diet and lifestyle can help speed up your weight loss with coconut oil and so you may only take 2–3 months instead to reach your coveted shape.

Don't expect coconut oil to work like any fad or crash diets. Coconut oil is designed to help burn fat, not to help lose water mass. Keep in mind.

On top of that, how long it'll take you to lose weight with coconut oil also depends on how much coconut oil you're able to consume per day.

Ideally you should consume 3–4 tablespoons of coconut oil to effect burning of fat, but the problem is, you can't take too much coconut oil per day, especially when you're new to this fat-burning fat.

This is because taking too much coconut oil may trigger diarrhea. Even if you're a seasoned coconut oil eater and when you suddenly increase your intake of the oil by too much, you may get the runs too, let alone a brand new coconut oil eater.

So, instead of focusing on getting fast weight loss with coconut oil, you should put more focus on losing weight on a steady pace with coconut oil. This will help your body to adapt to the oil's detoxifying effect and in the meantime, avoid any undesirable effects coconut oil may have on you.

I suggest that you try out a tablespoon (or 3 teaspoons) of coconut oil for at least a week first by spreading it over the day and watch out for any bad stomach pain or other reactions. It's always best to add it to your meal rather than taking it on its own or on an empty stomach so that the diarrhea-like effect won't be too potent if you were to get it.

Then once you've adapted to 1 tablespoon you can up the intake to 2 for another week and so forth until you reach the best amount that you feel most comfortable with.

To sum it up, you'll probably need about 3–4 weeks to get your body warmed up with coconut oil before you can take the amount of up to 4 tablespoons that will effect stronger fat-burning on you.

That is to say, you have to buffer in about a month for getting used to coconut oil's potential side effect of diarrhea-like condition before you can start to really lose weight with coconut oil.