Is coconut oil good for you?

Yes, coconut oil is definitely good for you. The reason why still many people doubt coconut oil's massive health benefits is due to their deep-rooted belief that saturated fat can harm our health. NOT ALL saturated fats are bad for us. You still have to see whether the saturated fat is short-chain, medium-chain or long-chain. The saturated fat that you're told as bad belongs to the long-chain group.

Long-chain saturated fat is difficult to break apart and convert to energy for our use. And it's present in literally all kinds of meat. Just take a look at the humongous size of those who love eating meat. That's the bad effect of long-chain saturated fat.

In fact, not just long-chain saturated fat, long-chain unsaturated fat (in most vegetable oils) may appear even more harmful (except omega-3 in flax oil) since unsaturated fat promotes oxidation and can lead to a series of health-detrimental reactions in our body.

The saturated fats that coconut oil carries are mostly medium-chain. Medium-chain saturated fat reacts very differently from its long-chain counter part.

As its name suggests, medium-chain is relatively shorter in length and hence smaller in size. Because of its smaller size, our body finds it easier to break medium-chain saturated fats down into even smaller granules for quick energy conversion. That is to say, most of the saturated fats in coconut oil essentially convert to energy and this helps to boost cellular metabolism and burn fat.

That's why many overweight people have experienced natural weight loss upon consuming coconut oil daily. In view of this, can you say coconut oil is no good for you?

But coconut oil does more than just burning fat.

Because it speeds up your metabolism, every single cell in your body is motivated (and resurrected, so to speak) to perform its function properly. For example, those who suffer indigestion will have their digestion improved and those who got sluggish bowel movement will have their constipation relieved within an hour or two after taking coconut oil.

That's not all. Coconut oil also holds antimicrobial properties that can help strengthen your immunity. Hard to believe?

Here's a challenge for you: Next time when flu strikes you, try taking 3–4 tablespoons of coconut oil daily for 3 days and you'll realize that your flu goes away quietly before it gets out of hand and causes severe damage to your respiratory system.

An unforgettable experience for me is when I was in Taiwan resting in a shelter after a 4-hour bicycle ride under a scorching hot sun, a mosquito flew quietly and attached to my arm sucking my blood up to fill her bottom. By the time I realized her existence and tried to slap it, she flew off and escaped death. I then quickly rubbed coconut oil on the bitten spot and soon after that, I did not see any mosquito bite on it. No redness. No itch. No swell. No nothing. This is coconut oil's antimicrobial properties in effect.

Speaking of the 4-hour ride under the hot sun during summer in Taiwan, as I do not like smearing chemical-loaded sunblock on my skin (because it simply irks), I coated my arms with multiple layers of coconut oil. No sunburn or any discomfort on my skin, just a bit tan after that and that's all. UV radiation can excite free radical activities in our skin and dry up our skin. Coconut oil works against it because it stops free radical reactions and helps to keep our skin moisturized at the same time.

So, is coconut oil good for you?

Yes, of course. My experience with coconut oil is a good one and so are many other coconut oil users. But don't take my word for it. Go try taking coconut oil with your food, and then use it on your skin. The improvement on your skin and health will convince you.