Is virgin coconut oil good for weight loss?

Yes, virgin coconut oil is good for weight loss. Many have lost weight eating virgin coconut oil. Do you know why? That's because it contains 55–64% medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which easily convert to energy to step up your metabolism. This makes virgin coconut oil a popular dietary fat that burns fat. You won't find this type of good fatty acid in any other vegetable oils and animal fats except for coconut oil and its relative, palm kernel oil (~55% MCFAs).

That explains why when you eat food cooked, fried or mixed with other oils or fats, you easily heap on excess calories that your body does not need at the moment and so it stashes them into your fat tissues.

Simply put, the fat you eat becomes the fat you wear.

But when you change your dietary oil into virgin coconut oil, you're literally setting your body up to fat-burning mode. Not only the medium-chain fatty acids convert into energy to power up your metabolism, but also helps to pull out the fat you wear and burn them off as heat.

Which is why when farmers feed coconut products to their livestock, these animals become slimmer instead of ballooning in size.

Honestly, eating virgin coconut oil can help lose weight is no news anymore since many overweight people have benefited from it. (Weight loss is one of the greatest health benefits of eating virgin coconut oil.)

However, you do have to be careful when you're getting started. You should not eat too much at one shot such as 2 tablespoons especially on an empty stomach. Virgin coconut oil is super good at stimulating your bowels for a detox. This may cause diarrhea-like symptoms when your body has yet to adapt to its bowel-stimulating effect.

That said, kick off with a tablespoon first spreading over the day and best, add to your food. One teaspoon into breakfast, one into lunch and one into dinner.

This one-tablespoon per day amount is not to get you started burning fat and losing weight, but rather, serve as a transition to help you avoid the diarrhea-like symptoms.

After 2 weeks or so, depending on how fast your body can adapt to it, increase the intake gradually until your body is able to accommodate 3, 4 or even 5 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil which is the ideal dosage for losing weight. The more you eat, the stronger will be the fat-burning effect.

Of course, doesn't mean virgin coconut oil is good for weight loss and you can slack off in your diet and eat more junk food. Junk food will negate the fat-burning power of virgin coconut oil.

So, if you want virgin coconut oil to display its full power on losing weight, you should complement it with more vegetables and fruits and cut back on your junk food such as meat and processed food.

Why meat? You might ask.

Meat carries toxins, regardless of whether it is organically grass-fed or chemically hormone- and antibiotic-fed. Virgin coconut oil would need to fight the toxins before it can help you burn fat.