How to lose weight with coconut oil

Do you know how coconut oil helps to lose weight in the first place? If you don't know that, you won't know how to maximize the fat-burning effect of coconut oil to help you achieve your desired weight in the shortest time possible. Coconut oil, in general, contains about 55–64% of medium-chain fatty acids.

These MCFAs are the main contributors to making coconut oil a superfood for weight loss. They are relatively smaller in size, so they can enter your cells without insulin, thus powering up your cells to boost their metabolic activities.

When your metabolic rate increases, your body will burn fat more effectively by purging toxins out of your fat cells so that excess body fat can easily be released into bloodstream for energy conversion.

Now you have coconut oil at work to help increase your metabolism and lose weight, what you need to do next is to reduce your food intake at the same time. If you don't do this, the fat that coconut oil helps to burn off will quickly be replaced by the food you take in.

I'm not saying that you should eat lesser than what your body requires in order to achieve weight loss. That's a crash method to losing weight which I never advocate.

Do you know what causes you to grow fatter and fatter? That's because you have always been taking in more calories than your body needs.

Even if coconut oil is able to help you burn fat, and if you do not make an effort to lower your calorie intake, the fat-burning effect produced by coconut oil could jolly well be evened out. And you'll wind up losing nothing.

So, all you need to do for coconut oil to truly help you lose weight is to control your calorie intake.

Don't get deterred by the word 'control'. It's actually very simple. Just listen to your body. When hunger pangs strike, eat. But do not overeat. Once you feel 70% full, stop. When you don't feel hungry at all, don't eat.

If you can keep to this simple "law of nature", you'll lose weight without trying too hard and your pants size will definitely drop in the near future.

And to each and every meal, be sure to add coconut oil. You can also add to beverages like fruit juice or green smoothie etc. Try to reach up to 4 tablespoons or more per day where possible for maximum weight loss.

But when you're just getting started, it's best to start off with just one tablespoon per day spreading over your meals – one teaspoon at breakfast, one teaspoon at lunch and one at dinner. Keep to this amount for at least a week before you up the intake. The reason behind this is if you start taking 2 tablespoons or more at one shot, coconut oil may cause watery stool.

To conclude, losing weight with coconut oil is actually very simple – just add coconut oil to everything you eat and eat only what your body needs.