4 natural ways to relieve your flu symptoms

When flu strikes, its symptoms can make you feel miserable... soreness and swell in the throat that make you swallow even saliva or water painful, blocked nose that makes your breathing difficult, runny nose that flows out mucus like running tap and finally, cough that disrupts your sleep and your entire life.

Though there's no immediate cure for flu, you can actually perform some natural flu relief techniques to help relieve the symptoms so that your life won't turn out as miserable as it should.

1. Relieving Sore Throat

Feeling "sandpapery", scratchy and painful when you swallow something... these are the reasons why sore throat is unwelcome. It affects your food consumption. But usually it will go away by itself in 1 or 2 days provided you improve your health and watch your diet by refraining from eating acid-forming food like meat, fried critters, high-sugar food etc and take more alkaline-forming food like vegetables.

In the meantime, you can mix warm lemon water with manuka honey (at least MGO 100+). This combination does help to soothe the soreness in your throat and makes you feel refreshing.

Drink the combo like you're drinking water. That means, substitute it for plain water and you'll feel better the entire day. By the way, lemon may taste acidic but it actually is alkaline-forming. Also, lemon contains vitamin C that helps to boost your immunity so that you can recover from flu faster.

2. Blocked Nose

Before sore throat leaves you completely, you'll most likely experience blocked nose, especially at night or when weather turns cool. Flu viruses thrive in low-temperature environment, that's why they can cause even greater and more damages to the system that regulate mucus.

When mucus gets out of control, it will increase rapidly and begin to block the air passage at the upper part of your nose.

What you can do to relieve this flu symptom is to keep your nose warm. Place a cup of steaming hot water right under your nose. When you sniff in the steam, it will clear the nose for you. You can also cover your nose with your palms to warm it up.

But to help keep your nose clear the entire night so you can get a good oxygenated sleep, you can put on a mask or cover your nose with the blanket. But make sure the mask or blanket is loose enough to not obstruct your breathing.

3. Runny Nose

This is a flu symptom that progresses from blocked nose. When more damages have been done to your respiratory system, mucus will start to flow like running water.

Same as blocked nose, keep your nose warm.

4. Cough

Hold a tablespoon of manuka honey (at least MGO 100+) and let it melt slowly in your mouth. You may find that this works to relieve the itch in your throat and thus, reduce coughing. But it works only at times. I found that doing so may sometimes stimulate the throat and trigger more coughing.

So, try holding the honey in your mouth and if it works, it works. If it doesn't or stop working, then drink warm lemon water with manuka honey. Yup, it works pretty well for soothing cough as well besides sore throat.


These flu symptoms almost always come together – they're "blood brothers". But of them all, cough is the worst symptom you would ever want to deal with because if it persists, it can lead to several other infections or complications.

Hence, whenever possible, you should try to stop any initial flu symptoms from progressing to cough, of course, using natural methods instead of relying on drugs. The best way to achieve this is to consume coconut oil that helps to boost immunity. Yes, this natural oil from the Tree of Life contains plenty of antimicrobials that can help to kill flu virus and other flu-supporting harmful bacteria and parasites.

And if you do it right, your flu symptom may be relieved or completely eliminated within a day.