3 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Acne Scars

After clearing your acne, what's left behind are the scars. This is the next big thing you have to worry about because it still doesn't look good on your face though it's a lot better than having acne that causes not just ugliness but pain to your skin.

If you simply leave your acne scars just like that, the scars will heal by itself and fade over time because our skin has its own natural healing power. Of course, on the premise that you can withstand the sneering look from others. But if you want to expedite the healing process so that your skin will look flawlessly smooth and even in a shorter time, then you must use coconut oil for its strong benefits on acne scars.

By the way, coconut oil also benefits acne treatment. What I mean is, you can actually use coconut oil straight to treat both your acne and acne scars, rather than having to use a different treatment for acne and then use coconut oil for acne scars.

Now, let's see how coconut oil benefits acne scars.

1. Fight Germs

Do you know how much germs our skin has to deal with and keep off in just one second?

Millions of them.

While trying to fight off the bad guys, your skin will somewhat take longer to generate new cells to replace the discolored old cells that form acne scars. But if you bring coconut oil into the picture, its antimicrobial fatty acids will join... find out more ›

4 Types of Coconut Oil – Which One Best Benefits You?

How many different types of coconut oil have you come across? Virgin coconut oil... just because everyone on the web is talking about its health benefits?

Despite virgin coconut oil provides the greatest health benefits, it may not best suit your needs. You're probably better off using another type that best serves your requirements. Anyway, let's take a closer look at each type of coconut oil and from there you shall decide the one that best benefits you based on your needs.

1. Fractionated Coconut Oil

Fractionated coconut oil is a type of refined coconut oil that contains solely medium-chain fatty acids.

It is also known as "MCT (medium-chain triglyceride)" oil or recently "liquid coconut oil", which is made by removing all the long-chain and some relatively longer medium-chain fatty acids (like lauric acid) in coconut oil to retain only its fraction of shorter medium-chain caprylic and capric acids.

Why do manufacturers want to make fractionated coconut oil? They want to have a type of coconut oil that will... find out more ›

3 Tips to Get the Most Health Benefits from Virgin Coconut Oil

Of the different types of coconut oil, virgin coconut oil gives you the most health benefits due to the way it is extracted and handled. However, its health benefits can easily be depreciated or even neutralized when you eat it the wrong way. By contrast, you can get the most benefits for your health when you apply these 3 tips...

1. Don't Take It Like a Supplement

Virgin coconut oil is more than just a supplement. It's a food by itself. And you should eat more of it just like any other food. I recommend a daily dose of 3-4 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil for best health benefits for both men and women.

So, how can you achieve that amount every day? Simple. Just substitute it for... find out more ›

3 Mistakes When Eating Coconut Oil for Health Benefits

Although coconut oil does provide tremendous health benefits for us, you won't get too much benefits out of it if you make these same mistakes that many people have committed.

Mistake #1 – Taking Too Much Coconut Oil

After hearing so many good things about coconut oil and how it benefits our health by improving our immunity and boosting our metabolism, many people just can't wait to lay their tongues on it.

And when they do, they tend to take too much in one sitting.

I mean, there's nothing wrong with eating lots of coconut oil for health benefits. But the thing is, coconut oil may trigger diarrhea-like symptoms when you take too much of it in one sitting. Heard of that?

Coconut oil contains very potent... find out more ›

How Coconut Oil Benefits You

Did you know that coconut oil is good for you both internally and externally?

Let's get right into your body first and see how coconut oil fixes your low immunity, weak energy and slow metabolism. And how it makes you look younger than you actually are.

1. Boosting Your Immunity

You want to become impervious to attacks by bacteria, viruses, fungi and other super germs in the air you breathe in or on the food and water you consume, you have to step up your immunity.

Bad news is, our immunity can only protect us to a certain extent due to its limitation in producing antibodies at any one time. Meaning, they're easily outnumbered when you put yourself in a highly contaminated environment for long hours.

Good news is, with just one tablespoon coconut oil can benefit your health by supplying thousands of... find out more ›