4 things NOT to do when treating acne with coconut oil

No doubt coconut oil is good at treating acne, but if you make these 4 silly mistakes, not only you won't clear your acne and heal your skin completely, but your pimples may return as and when they like, without prior warning.

1. Continue Eating Acne-Causing Food

You know what, acne is directly related to food, which means, a bad diet can cause severe hormonal imbalance and hence, make your skin oily and acne-prone.

Imagine on one hand you're using coconut oil to cleanse your body and skin of toxins, on the other hand you're dumping more garbage into your body by eating all sorts of toxin-laden junk food, how can you expect your acne treatment with coconut oil to be effective? Make sense?

So, improve your diet by eating more natural whole food to make sure you don't offset coconut oil's skin healing effect or your acne treatment is as good as none.

2. Mix with Other Products

You might feel that using coconut oil concurrently with other acne treatment products can expedite your acne healing. But did you know that most commercial products over the counter could actually make your skin worse by introducing more toxic chemicals and burying these toxins deep underneath your skin?

While coconut oil is trying to help your skin detox, it's good to stop using other products so that the oil can exert its full acne-treating prowess on your skin.

Trust me, you need no other products, coconut oil is good enough for treating acne. And once you clear your acne with it, you won't feel like using any other products for your skin any more.

3. Put Too Much on Skin

Our skin is not a sponge. It has its saturation tolerance. If you apply too much coconut oil to your skin at once, you'll find the thick layer of oil "floating" on your skin. This does not help with your acne problem, instead it may make your acne worse since your skin is unable to "breathe" properly with a thick layer of oil covering its pores.

You should always apply just a thin layer and wait for your skin to absorb it before you apply another layer if you think you need more coconut oil to expedite your acne healing.

4. Quit Easily

As coconut oil is detoxifying, it'll purge toxins out of your skin before it helps to clear your skin of acne. In other words, you may get more acne breakouts than before using the tropical oil during the treatment.

Not knowing such healing crisis, it can freak you out and make you give up treating your acne with coconut oil easily, and run back to using over-the-counter commercial products for acne treatment, which could make your skin worse in the long run.

So, once you start the treatment, keep using coconut oil until your acne clears. It may take several days to several weeks before your skin can improve and become acne-free, depending on how much toxins you have accumulated in your body and beneath your skin over the years. And also, how far you have improved your diet.

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