4 Mistakes When Using Coconut Oil for Skin Care

It may seem easy to just put some coconut oil on your skin and your skin will become good and glow. Actually not. Some people got some "side effects" by using coconut oil the wrong way for skin care.

1. Applying Too Much in One Sitting

You should apply a thin layer and wait till this layer gets absorbed before you put on another thin layer. The reason for doing this is our skin can only absorb that much of the oil, so if you apply too much the oil will simply sit on your skin for hours and will make you feel greasy and dirty as dust in the environment sticks to you.

A small amount goes a long way.

2. Freaking out on Breakout

Even when you have a clear skin (without acne), you may experience breakouts in the form of small oily whiteheads. This is due to toxins being drawn to the surface of your skin by the detoxifying effect of coconut oil.

That is why acne sufferers who try to use coconut oil to treat their acne problems freaked out when their acne becomes more severe than before. But most of them didn't get to the other side of the fire to see how coconut oil gradually helps them clear their acne. What a shame!

Anyway, just keep in mind. Coconut oil is good for skin care in many ways. And purging toxins is one way coconut oil helps your skin. Hence, do not be alarmed. Let coconut oil run its course and do what it is good at.

3. Applying to Your Skin Only

Unlike any other skin care products out there, coconut oil is also a food that you can consume. Have you ever heard of "Good skin comes from the inside out"?

Yes, good skin is a sign of good body health. And coconut oil benefits your health besides being good for external skin care.

That said, don't just apply coconut oil to your skin only, eat it as well. Remember, good skin comes from the inside out, not the outside in.

4. Using the Wrong Type of Coconut Oil for Skin Care

Did you know that not all types of coconut oil are good for skin care? Coconut oil essentially has two types – refined and virgin (unrefined).

Needless to say, virgin coconut oil is the best for skin care since it contains the greatest amount of skin-beneficial fatty acids that are good for skin care. But if you need to use refined coconut oil because you don't like the natural coconut scent that is present in virgin coconut oil, then you got to choose the right refined coconut oil that is almost as good as virgin coconut oil.

There are several types of refined coconut oil on the market. Some had their odor removed, but also had lauric acid and other skin-beneficial compounds removed as well. Another type has gone through partial hydrogenation, which is bad for skin due to the existence of the harmful trans fatty acid. Another type has got a smoky stench and feels sticky.

You're lucky. I've found a refined coconut oil (by Nutiva) that gets to retain almost all the nutrients virgin coconut oil carries but yet with a pleasant odorless smell. This is the only type of refined coconut oil you can use for skin care. And it penetrates even better than virgin coconut oil since it is thinner (due to the removal of phytonutrients that give off the coconut scent) and you'll feel smoother on your skin.

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