5 Disadvantages of Virgin Coconut Oil

Like all good things, virgin coconut oil does have its disadvantages that may discourage some people from using or eating it even though it possesses massive health benefits.

1. Odor

To me, virgin coconut oil's natural coconut scent is an aroma. But to some people, they may find it nauseating or even disgusting.

Different qualities of virgin coconut oil produce different degrees of coconut scent. My experience tells me that a strong coconut odor means the oil carries more phytonutrients than those with a milder odor.

If you simply cannot stand that odor, or you don't like it to overpower the flavor of your other food in cooking, the best option for you to gain health benefits from it would be using RBD coconut oil. It's refined, bleached and deodorized. But its nutritional value will definitely be relatively inferior.

2. Solidify at Room Temperature

Due to its natural content of high saturated fats that have high melting point, coconut oil starts to solidify below 76 °F (24 °C).

For people living in tropical countries like Thailand, Singapore or Malaysia, this is no issue at all as the oil will always stay in liquid form so it's easy to use. But for those who live in countries where there is winter, even when you keep the jar in a cabinet, the oil will solidify as temperature falls further until it hardens (like a rock) and becomes very difficult for you to scoop and use.

Fortunately, it's also easy to warm virgin coconut oil since it melts at temperatures above 76 °F (24 °C).

During winter, you can put the oil on a shelf above the stove so that the heat from cooking can help warm it enough to soften the hard chunk and make it easily scoopable. You can also pour the liquefied oil onto an ice cube tray and keep the tray in the fridge so that you can easily pop out the exact portions when you need to use it.

3. Too Much Causes Diarrhea

Eating too much virgin coconut oil in one sitting may give you the runs, especially when you're just getting started and you take it straight out of the jar on an empty stomach. The amount like 2 tablespoons in one sitting may be too much for your body to adapt.

To avoid the diarrhea-like symptoms, spread the amount over the day and be sure to add it to food rather than eating it by the spoonful.

4. Induce Acne Breakout

The higher the nutritional value of coconut oil, the stronger will be its toxin-purging power. As virgin coconut oil has the highest nutritional content among the different types of coconut oil, its power to purge toxins is also the strongest.

This is why acne sufferers who use virgin coconut oil on their face for acne treatment experience more breakouts than before the use.

The oil is trying to deep-cleanse your skin of toxins before it helps to dry up your acne and clear your skin. If you want to avoid such healing crisis, you should cut back on your intake of junk food and start taking more greens and fruits.

5. Price

No other disadvantages can beat this – price. Needless to say, virgin coconut oil is the most expensive among the various types of coconut oil. But it's definitely worth the investment if you want superb health and powerful protection against super germs and killer diseases.

Note: Refined coconut oil like fractionated coconut oil may cost higher than virgin coconut oil. If you're interested to find out why, read Fractionated Coconut Oil Vs Virgin Coconut Oil.

Are you daunted by the disadvantages of virgin coconut oil? Or you're smart enough (like many health-conscious people) to see through the disadvantages because you can easily overcome and turn them into benefits for your health?

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  1. We(Kerala.india) are using coconut oil for cooking more than several years.there was no problems like cholesterol or triglycerides or anything. Now people switched over to other 0ils starts the problems.and lack of hard work or or regular yoga all these problems started in our state of Kerala,India.its not the problem of coconut oil.lazy people.and new gen food culture spoiled our health

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